The Mighty Adam
Adam Watson: Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, Animator
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Something in the Water

Something in the Water...


It's mosquitos. Mosquitos in the water....

This project started out simply as ink filmed in a tank of water. I decided, though, that it could be way creepier, (and closer to my own entomological interests,) with real insect larvae. At the end of the summer, I found mosquito larvae in the kids' pool, and built an aquarium that I could film through. 

This consisted of two plates of glass, glued together with a very narrow space between them full of water. This restricted the larvae to a two-dimensional space, which I backlit with a light board. 

The results were multiplied, and superimposed over ink, and then I messed with the colors, and rescaled time a bit.

The result was the 6 second clip up above.